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The overall idea of the project is to equip local/regional maritime-related businesses with the knowledge and competence on liquefied natural gas (LNG) technologies. This will enable them to be contracted for operating and maintaining the planned LNG terminal Investments in Lithuania and Poland. With this competence the companies can specialize and form cross-border supply chains in South Baltic. Such supply chains can better compete in LNG-related tenders on the global market. The project activities concentrate on developing core competences in building and operation (e.g. maintenance, loading, navigation) of LNG terminals and forming cross-border supply chains. MarTech LNG starts with mapping of LNG competence in the regions and pre-assessment of regional businesses potential to form LNG supply chains. Next steps are forming regional groups of experts and establishing the Knowledge and Partnership Platform. This web-based tool will provide contacts to LNG experts, training institutions and companies and also be used as knowledge base on LNG technologies and as business cooperation platform. Further activities include creation of a training methodology and its adaptation to regional needs and potentials. Based on the pre-assessment, regional knowledge absorption groups are formed and regional training sessions are implemented. Finally the project plans to select businesses that can form cross-border supply chains to form an LNG cluster. After this is done, the project implements cross-border training sessions and simulations of joint entrepreneurial activities (participation in global tenders). Furthermore the project aims to promote the identified supply chains by participating in fairs and by study visits to other EU regions.

These core actions are supported by promotion of the concept of LNG supply chains towards regional authorities and maritime sector businesses, which are the main target groups of the project.

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