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The EU project „Liquefied Natural Gas value chain for clean shipping, green ports and blue growth in the Baltic Sea Region“ (Go LNG) within the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is crossed by three core transport network corridors (CNCs), which together have the potential to stimulate positive effects beyond the pure transport and mobility sector. As it unlocks considerable financial resources, the investments in the three CNCs may trigger development processes, not only in their direct neighbourhood, but also in more remote areas.

The project will focus on developing the demand and accessibility of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). When the value chain and the case studies for LNG are in place, the accessibility and price of LNG as marine fuel is still a very valid bottleneck for further development.

High infrastructure cost and limited demand, effects to the fact that cost of infrastructure is 30 to 50 % of the LNG cost for the end user. To decrease the price cap we need to consolidate a wider value chain adding new users, that will contribute to the LNG infrastructure price and decrease investments risks.

The project will create a strategic approach to LNG development by providing the BSR blue corridor concept, develop a technology approach for consolidate the LNG value chain and will provide skills and business partnerships (BSR LNG cluster) for LNG infrastructure development in the BSR. A Liquid Bio Gas (LBG) concept will be developed to ensure the sustainability of the LNG infrastructure.

The aim of the strategy is to establish a strategic approach of LNG infrastructure development and mobilize the critical mass of technology, business partnerships, and regulative authorities to implement LNG powered transport corridors in BSR Integrated Value chain, the aim of which is to provide the technological and regulative concept/value chain for integrated use of existing LNG infrastructure in the BSR. An integrated value chain will increase the competitiveness of LNG fuel by improving the economic and environmental performance and increasing the fuel and infrastructure demand.

The project has the ambition to develop a globally competitive LNG competence centre that would support regions leading LNG maritime technology application in BSR and globally by providing knowledge, competent personnel, project management services, and technology, and business models. The Centre would gather competence, knowledge, training facilities and research infrastructure, providing collaboration and management model to enable joint service supply and project development.

In order to apply Integrated LNG Value Chain and enable LNG powered transport corridors in the BSR the project aims to establish BSR LNG Business cluster. The cluster will help to gather and establish the critical mass of business to facilitate service, finance, technology and innovation for deploying LNG infrastructure, applying LNG as a fuel utilizing the regions environmental challenges in to the business opportunities.

To apply LNG infrastructure as the growth and sustainability factor for the BSR there will be LBG production and distribution content provided. The project will aim at establishing value chain, technological concepts and business models for LBG. This will ensure sustainability of the LNG infrastructure and economic grow in the coastal communities.

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